Installing Bluetooth++ and changing Device Class
How to install the Bluetooth++ Magisk module and change your Device Class to a Gamepad for the Switch to accept pairing connection after firmware update 12.0.0
Before proceeding, make sure your Android phone is capable to use JoyCon Droid first. You must at least be able to succeed when using the Bluetooth HID Profile Tester app.


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⚠️ Xiaomi MIUI is NOT supported. Bluetooth++ is not compatible with it because MIUI is a heavily modified version of Android and does not even have the ability to set Device Class. MIUI users can switch to a custom ROM such as LineageOS or try the MAC address trick.

The Magisk app will show you if Magisk is installed

1. Download the latest release of

2. Now go to the Modules tab of Magisk and tap Install from storage at the top. Then select from the file chooser.

3. Reboot your Android after installing the module.

4. After rebooting, you will find a new app called Bluetooth++ in your app drawer. Open this app.

5. If your Bluetooth isn't enabled when opening the app, it will ask you to turn it on. Tap Allow.

6. The app will show you your phone's default Device Class. Yours may be different from the one pictured due to a variation of different devices which is fine.

7. Tap the (+) icon in the top right of the image above to create a new Device Class.

8. You must now choose a name and enter the correct Device Class. Tap on Name and Device Class to enter text. The name can be anything such as "Switch Controller" and the Device Class must be 002508

9. Make sure the Device Class is entered correctly. 002508 is the Device Class for a Gamepad. Then tap the 3-dot symbol (menu) button on the top right to Save.

10. You'll now see the new Device Class in the app. Select this new Device Class anytime before using JoyCon Droid and it should help you connect to the Switch if everything is working as expected.

  • You should switch to your Default device class when not using JoyCon Droid to avoid potential connectivity issues with your other devices.

Removing the module:

If you need to remove the module, first select your Default device class again. After that, you can simply disable the module or remove the module in Magisk and then reboot your device. If you somehow get stuck in a bootloop, you will need to remove modules through your custom recovery or safe mode. Remove Magisk modules in an emergency or completely uninstall Magisk by renaming Magisk APK to and flash the zip in recovery like usual.