Alternative to Bluetooth++
An alternative root method for connecting to the Switch with JoyCon Droid

You don't need to do this if you have already changed your Device Class using the Bluetooth++ Magisk module! You can proceed to Connecting to your Switch.

Requires root. This method is very risky if you do something wrong in the procedure. It is recommended to try the Bluetooth++ Magisk module method instead of doing this. DO AT YOUR OWN RISK!

1. Pair a real controller with your Switch like normal. Yes, a real physical JoyCon or Pro Controller that you have.
2. Find the Bluetooth MAC address of that controller. You can connect the controller to your phone and find the Device's Bluetooth address in the Device details of Bluetooth settings. You can also use Joy-Con Toolkit on PC to view your controller's MAC address.
3. On your Android, you will need to navigate to /efs/bluetooth/bt_addr, /data/vendor/mac_addr/bt.mac or /data/misc/bluetooth/bdaddr and MAKE A BACKUP of this file! Root privileges will need to be granted when navigating to and modifying this file. [The location of the file for editing Bluetooth MAC Address will vary depending on your device.]
4. Change your device's MAC address at /efs/bluetooth/bt_addr, /data/vendor/mac_addr/bt.mac or /data/misc/bluetooth/bdadd with the real controller's MAC address.
5. A reboot might be needed after making the changes. You can try to connect JoyCon Droid to the Switch now.
Overwrite the file again with the backup you made to restore your original MAC address if you need to.

If you're wondering how to access those files, obviously you need to grant root access first of all. You can find and edit those files numerous ways such as: adb commands, root explorer (Total Commander is free with no ads), Termux (terminal emulator)

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